"Computer Logic and Algorithms"
(formerly known as ICT - Incredibly Cruely Torture)
(Mr. Rodriguez would like you to know the course as "Understanding CLA" - in other words, UCLA!!!)

We affectionately refer to it as "Incredibly Cruel Torture(the students think the T stands for Teacher - imagine that!)". ICT/Digital Technology is an introduction to the basic concepts and skills of modern electronics and computers. This class can be used as a prerequisite for more advanced classes in electronics and computers. Topics covered include numbering systems, logic gates, boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, flip flops, shift registers, counters, adders, subtractors, and a few other fun things. Students wire all labs using breadboards. This might just be one of the coolest computer classes out there (wow, do we sound like geeks).

Software to draw logic diagrams

Some pics of the labs we do

Here are the documents that Mr. Allen, Mr. Reid, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Grack and/or Mr. Coglianese will be using this semester.

Draw and Experiment with Logic Circuits

Cool Wiring Program

 Signature Sheet

You may need the free Acrobat reader to view/print these.

  Course Expectations -- Chapman Presentation
Logic Diagrams LogicGatesAutoCad.dwg (thanks to Spencer Detlev - class of 2003, this file will work in AutoCad2000, AutoCad2000i, and Architectual Design 2i)
Bitmap Images of LogicGates and FlipFlops
Diagrams for TTL IC's
(7400, 7402, 7404, 7408, 7410, 7420, 7432, 7447, 7474, 7476, 7483, 7486, 74147, 74192, 74194, 7-segment LED's) These are the logic gates such as not, and, or, nand, nor, xor, along with flip flops(D, JK, RS), adders, and BCD decoders/encoders.
Our Lab typical student work station
Charts ASCII - Hex - Binary - Decimal
Test Logic Circuits Java Applet letting you test logic circuits - even build your own.
Numbering Systems Conversion Diagram
  HW0 (non-decimal to decimal)
  HW1(decimal to non-decimal)
  HW2 (base2 <->base10, non <-> non)
  HW3 (conversions)
  HW4 (addition)
  Pre Test 1 -- PreTest 2(new) -- Pre Test 2 Answers
  Take-Home Quiz
Logic Gates HW1 (Not-And-Or & Truth Tables)
  HW2 (conversion between boolean alg. expression and logic circuit)
  HW3 (more problems like HW2)
  HW4 (even more circuits)
  Wave Form Diagrams
  Logic Gates Pretest
Karnaugh Maps In-Class Worksheet (take students through process)
  HW0 (NAND Gate Implementations - the Universal gate)
  HW1 (minterm expressions and K-Maps - 2 and 3 variable)
  HW2 (minterm expressions and K-Maps - 3 variable)
  HW3 (minterm expressions and K-Maps - 3 and 4 variable)
Boolean Algebra HW1 (Boolean Alg Lecture Notes)
  HW3 (DeMorgan's Laws Packet)
  HW4 (Distributive Law Packet)
  Absorption, BoolAlg, DeMorgan (Absorption Packet)
  Pretest 1
  Pretest 2
Door-Goat-Wolf Door-Goat-Wolf Project (ties many previous concepts together) (Heat Project)
Flip Flops RS and Clock-RS FlipFlop Chart
  RS-FlipFlop Wave Form
  JK-FlipFlop Wave Form
  Flip Flop Charts
  Flip Flop Pretest
Counters Up Counter
  Down Counter
  7493 Integrated Counter
Shift Registers Parallel-In Parallel-Out Worksheet
  Serial-In Parallel-Out D-FlipFlop Shift Reg
  Parallel-Load with JK FlipFlop In-Class Example
  74194 Universal Shift Register
Adders/Subtractors One's Complement
Final review
Lab Report Guidelines